Best Video Editor: 3 Reasons we love Premiere Pro


The demand for video is increasing every day, which means the demand for video editors (both software and people) is also increasing every day. As with any brand discussion (Canon vs Nikon), there is sure to be bias based on familiarity, and the same is true for choosing the best video editor. However, we built a five-figure weekend-business using Adobe’s …

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The Nikon D750 Lens Bundle Deal – Is it worth it?

Nikon D750 Bundle 24-120mm Featured

We got a terrific question in our email today regarding the sale of the Nikon D750 Bundle: I am an intermediate filmmaker and photographer…I’m upgrading from DX to FX. I’m thinking about the Nikon D750 as people say it’s the best budget for video and photography. There is a bundle for this the D750 and the 24-120 f/4 for $2,300. …

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The Secret to Attracting High-End, High-Paying Video Clients – Fast!


Everyone dreams of getting high-end (read: high-paying) clients that are easy to work with, and it’s so simple that I can’t believe that more people aren’t doing it. Whether you’re trying to break into wedding videography or making videos for other businesses, the concept works beautifully. The secret getting better clients is positioning yourself as a high-end videographer (the kind …

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4K Video Cameras From Nikon – Videography Business Implications

Nikon’s first 4K Video Cameras are coming out soon, with the D500 and D5 hitting the markets in April 2016. However, before jumping onto the 4K bandwagon, you should consider if it’s the right fit for you or your video business (or video hobby for that matter). For a videography business, you must always be asking yourself if the gear …

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Nikon D500 Review of Features & Video Specs – Is it worth it?

Nikon D500 4k Video Featured

Update May 2016: The Nikon D500 availability is coming back – a 2nd wave of stock will be hitting the US shelves soon. The D500 should be in-stock on Amazon soon. Pre-orders will be given priority. Why Nikon releases their latest and greatest video features in crop-sensor (DX) cameras we’ll never know, but they’ve done it again – this time …

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Nikon 24-70 VR – Is it worth upgrading?

Nikon 24-70 VR

The Nikon 24-70 2.8 without vibration reduction has been a standard in many photographers’ gear bags since it was released almost a decade ago. In fact, it’s still Amazon’s #1 most popular selling SLR lens. Now, the 24-70 is getting an upgrade from Nikon in the form of Vibration Reduction.

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Nikon D810 and D750 Massive Price Discount

A large discount was just announced for the Nikon D810 and the D750 – Nikon’s best full-frame videography (and still photography!) cameras for the money.

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Wedding Videography Contracts: The 6 Worst Mistakes

Lawyers will tell you that a contract is the most important item to have to protect yourself if a relationship with a client starts to go south.  It’s also the best way to make sure everyone is in agreement before any work or money is exchanged.  However, forgetting to include certain items can come back to haunt you later.  Everyone …

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Why are Photographers Afraid of Video?

Next Generation Photographers Featured

Photographers don’t like shooting video, yet a third of them do it and over two-thirds of them think the next generation of photographers should have video production training according to a recent study. If video is so important, and many are doing it, why is it only shot begrudgingly? Some photographers may feel that the rise in demand for video, …

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Chicago Skyline Cityscape Photo Tutorial at 360 Chicago/Hancock Observatory

Chicago Skyline 360 Chicago Cityscape

If you’re shooting video with a Nikon DSLR, chances are from time to time you shoot still photos as well. Still photography may even be your primary gig. During a recent trip to Chicago, I wanted to get some still photo cityscapes of the windy city and thought I’d share my experience trying to capture a great downtown Chicago skyline …

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5 Most Popular Nikon Cameras and Lenses: Summer 2015

5 Best Cameras for Nikon Videography

Your one-stop shop to see whats popular and people are buying. Top Selling Nikon Cameras: #1 Nikon D3300 – The D3300 is the latest release of the entry level DSLR cameras that Nikon offers. At just under $500 at the time of posting, it’s loaded with 24mp and shoots full 1080p video. It also comes with a 18-55mm lens. A …

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Quick Tip: New Adobe Lightroom Version CC Won’t Open or Launch

I just downloaded Lightroom CC, the newest version of Adobe’s easy to use photo-editing software. Unfortunately, every time I clicked the desktop icon (which, btw, only says Lightroom – it does not list the version (CC) like previous versions), Lightroom would fail to launch. Not even the splash screen would appear. I even tried launching as administrator and through the …

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Nikon’s New D810a or the D750 Filmaker’s Package

Nikon D750 Filmaker Package and D810a Astrophotography Camera

Nikon released details on two new products. Well, technically one new product and one new bundle – but you get the idea. The Nikon D750 Filmaker Kit and the Nikon D810a aren’t bad products, but if you’re shooting video or starting a video business – we wouldn’t recommend either. First the Nikon D810a. Great camera, but it’s designed specifically for …

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4 Reasons Why We Chose Nikon DSLRs for Video

I Am Nikon DSLR Video

“Ohhh, you’re shooting Nikon???” is the comment we get most often when showing up to a wedding or another video project with Nikon DSLRs. “Everyone else shoots Canon DSLRs for Video.” We know. We know we’re in the minority. Frankly, we kind of like it. Shooting video with Nikons isn’t more difficult than with Canon, nor is the quality diminished. …

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5 Tips For Using Zoom Products for DSLR Video Audio Capture


We’ve been filming weddings professionally for several years now, and we’ve found that Zoom Audio products work well, but they aren’t without their challenges. Here are 5 tips to help you get the best audio for video with the Zoom H4N and Zoom H1 1. Avoid the dreaded “Card Write Error” by using a better SD card and formatting before …

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