Nikon D850 Price

Nikon-D850-Price-Body-OnlyWhat is the Nikon D850 Price?

After months of rumors, the Nikon D850 Price has been announced. It’s lower than expected! The D850 (body only) will have a retail price of $3,299 (View current D850 Sale Price). The D850 is currently available for pre-order, and shipping is just around the corner.

As a Nikon D810 replacement, the price point is exactly the same as the D810 was in 2014. After a few years on the market, the D810 price dropped to around $2,799 (View Sale Price).

The Nikon D850 is technically in a different class from the Nikon D750, but lots of D750 owners will be could be looking at the D850 as an upgrade. The D750 announcement price was $1,999 and can now be found for around $1,799. (View Sale Price)

As with previous models, we do not expect any price discounts anytime soon.

Also, with the improvements in video over the D810 and three years of inflation, one could expect a sizable increase in price. However, Nikon kept the price low. We’re pleasantly surprised with the price point of the D850 and may need to consider what we do with our D800 and D810 fleet.

Nikon D850 Prices w/ Lens Kits / BundlesNikon D850 Price w/24-70mm

Nikon D850 Price – Body Only: $3,299 (View Sale Price)
w/ 105mm Lens: $5,499 (View Sale Price)
w/ 200-500mm Lens: $4,699 (View Sale Price)
w/ 24-120mm Lens: $4,399 (View Sale Price)
w/ 24-70mm Lens: $5,699 (View Sale Price) (Recommended configuration*)
w/ 28mm Lens: $5,295 (View Sale Price)
w/ 8-15mm Lens: $4,549 (View Sale Price)

*We’re big fans of the Nikon 24-70 for video and photography – read more in the article, The Five Best Lenses for Nikon Videography. Or, TL:DR – It’s a high quality lens with a versatile zoom length and low (fast) aperture perfect for all kinds of video shooting.