Quick Tip: Fix Jittery, Lagging, Stuttering Wacom Intuos Tablet Without Restarting PC

WacomIntuosProMediumJitteryWe love our Wacom Intuos Pro
(5) tablet (we like the Medium size) for working with photo and video programs where it may be 8+ hours of editing a day, but sometimes we attempt to use it, plug it in, and it’s slow, laggy, and it stutters around the page. Basically, it’s useless. We tried closing and opening the program, fussing around the the flicks in windows, but the only thing that would work was a complete restart.

But, we did find one workaround that has been working well for us. By going to the windows button, searching for “services”, then finding the one labeled “Wacom Professional Services” and restarting that service (either via right lick or a link on the left) – that essentially ‘rebooted’ the lagging Wacom driver and was instantly performing well without having to reboot the entire computer.

While we wish it was never buggy, it’s quick and easy to solve.

Happy editing!

Video Tutorial:

Product Link: Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Medium Tablet (PTH651)