Inexpensive DIY Carrying Case for Sennheiser G3, or any other Wireless Lavalier Microphone

Sennheiser Wireless Lav DIY CaseThere are a lot of great cases specifically designed for specialized audio and video gear – the problem is it’s often really expensive, and may or may not prove as protective or useful as a DIY option. I’ve been carrying my Sennheiser EW100ENGG3A Wireless Lavalier kit around in its original box for about a year now, and while I know it’s very-well protected, it’s very large and doesn’t fit into any other cases that we have and always needed to be carried on its own. After looking around, I found an extremely inexpensive DIY case option for the G3 that fit our needs of being 1) Cheap 2) Easy 3) Fit our existing equipment, and 4) didn’t bend the antennas.

Sennheiser Wireless Lav DIY CaseI found what I was looking for at the Container Store. While they have a lot of different options, the one that worked best for us was their “stackable rectangle.” My goal was something just big enough to fit the body pack, the reciever pack, the lav mic, and the small connection cable that we plug directly into our Zoom H4n or Zoom H1.

We bought a small 12×12 square of thin foam to lay in the bottom, which created a snug (but not too snug) fit so the packs don’t move around. The box was $3.99 and the foam was 59 cents.

The other goal we had was that it fit into our “Audio Box” – which for us, is a Husky Plastic Organizer from Home Depot ($30). We kept the plastic organizers in the top, which holds things like camera batteries, AA batteries, screwdriver, earplugs, cables and adapters, etc. In the bottom, we’ve removed all the organizers and that’s where we keep a couple small LED lights, gaffer’s tape, chargers, radios, and now our Lav mics in this container. Also, the stackable box is thin enough that it would allow you to perfectly fit two mic kits vertically, still close the top of the box, and have them snug enough to not rattle around in transportation.

This may not work for every scenario (you may want a pelican case option that can drop from a rooftop without harming your gear) – but that’s not what we needed for our application.

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