Adobe Premiere Pro CC Vertical White Line A Feature, Not a Bug


To the surprise of many daily users of Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Creative Cloud), a vertical white line lasting one frame was inserting itself at the end of the sequence. It didn’t matter if the editor moved or extended the clip, the line remained visible. Fortunately, it’s been confirmed that this is a new ‘feature’ – not a problem or a bug in Premiere – to mark the end of a sequence and will not appear on the exported project.

Unfortunately, it looks like a ‘bug’ in the system and there was no indication in the update notes, a pop-up window after update, etc. to explain this new ‘feature’. We hope that this post will save you some time researching a solution. Adobe should have made a short message upon re-opening Premiere for the first time after the update to say, “Adobe has added a white vertical line to the last from of each project timeline. The line will not be present upon exporting the final project. We hope you like it because there’s no way to turn it off.” OK – They probably want to leave off that last part, but a brief message would have saved a lot of people a lot of time. If something is going to insert itself on a timeline that wouldn’t be acceptable in a finished product, Adobe should communicate that appropriately.

Aside from the poor communication from Adobe regarding a feature that appears to be an artifact in your timeline, is that you don’t have the ability to turn it off. Many editors show clients rendered works directly from the timeline, and what has fooled hundreds of professionals thinking this was a bug in the system is sure to fool clients without any NLE experience.

Adobe indicated they added the ‘feature’ after many requests, but I’m curious if the silent majority are the real losers with this Premiere Pro update since it cannot be turned off in order to display an accurate playback prior to exporting which isn’t feasible on larger projects.