Nikon DSLR Videos: Weekend Inspiration

Many of us are weekened warriors when it comes to photography and videography. When I was getting started I would watch all kind of videos. This helped me think about creative shots, focusing, lighting, angles, and editing before a shoot. I wanted to share some great videos with you today ahead of the weekend so that you may do the same. All of these were shot entirely or in-part with a Nikon DSLR. This is an interesting cross-section of video work, including travel video, new gear tests and a short film.

Video #1

Title: A journey through Iran: Shiraz to Tehran
Filmmaker: Ze Maria M Moura
What we love: Great use of music, time-lapses, exposure and lighting control, and blending the moving footage from the DJI Osmo.
Nikon Gear: The very affordable, Nikon D5100

Video #2

Filmmaker: Akuma Films
What we love: Cinematography, color grading, lighting, and pace. So many really struggle to find the right pace in video editing, but Akuma Films did an excellent job here.
Nikon Gear: Nikon D800 (externally recorded with a Atomos Ninja Blade)

Video #3

Title: Pots Of Gartness
Filmmaker: Pendicle Productions
What we love: It’s a test of a new jib, but the footage is smooth. Great use of fall color, natural sound, and even a touch of lens flare from the sun in there.
Nikon Gear: Nikon D800 and Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 (Both of which we use heavily in our work)