The DSLR Video Camera : 4 Reasons Why DSLRs are Great for Video

The DSLR Video Camera: 4 Reasons Why DSLRs are Great for Video

There are many reasons to love a DSLR video camera, but here are the top 4 reasons why it’s our weapon of choice for work and play.

1) The Film Look – Sure, even less expensive camcorders are starting to offer 24fps modes, which is a good start towards achieving the film look. However, getting the film look also has to do with the shutter speed and lens choice. Lenses will make a big difference in the way your final product looks for video. Videos with a shallow depth of field will appear more ‘filmic’.   This is achieved by lenses with a smaller aperture rating, along with the distance from the lens to the subject in focus.
Nikon Lens Lineup for DSLR Video Camera2) Lens Options – Even on the inexpensive side, there are plenty of lenses that are great for video. From wide-angles, to telephotos, to primes – there is something for every budget and every video.

3) Photography – Most creatives like the option to work with video and still photography. We have the D810 which is great for high-res landscapes and exterior real estate work (hobby), but also has great video capabilities (paid side-gig).  We don’t recommend trying to do both during a paid gig with the same camera (this can get confusing), but it’s nice to have the option to take amazing quality still photos along with terrific video.  Camcorders, for the most part, are unitaskers.  The ones that claim to have photo capability have been completely unimpressive compared to a DSLR.

4) Inexpensive – Even the cheapest DSLR cameras now have impressive HD video options and can produce quality, professional results.  The entry-level Nikon D3400 is under $500 and can film 1080p HD, 24fps, with a shutter speed of 50 to get the film look on a budget.
Why do you love DSLR video cameras?